Q & A with Suzie Grogan

My thanks to Milly Wonford for interviewing me for Warfare magazine, and then adding me to her own personal blog too. I sound a very busy person – does that mean I can have cake? 😉

Milly Wonford's Blog

A few weeks back I sent a couple of questions to Shell Shocked Britain author, Suzie Grogan, for Warfare Magazine Online.

Her answers left me with prickly skin up my arms, making my blonde monkey-hair stand on end. She is an incredibly busy woman, and I honestly think she is like Dr Who…she does so much in so little time it makes the mind boggle.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, she pushed all her work to one side, lucky me!, and answered my questions.

By the looks of your website; suziegrogan.co.uk, you’re an unbelievably busy woman, with an array of interests from law to poetry, mental health to history, and more… But let’s start at the beginning. What did you want to be when you were younger, before you started on the road to becoming a fascinating author? 

I have always wanted to write, even at…

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