Mock Orange – a poem for work & the summer weather

Mock Orange

Watching, as the waxy flowers fall
into the scattered gravel of the summer
garden; it seems the world, the weather and
a clouded view conspire to damp
the spirits. Her fingers leave the glass.

She turns into the room to work
another minor, tepid miracle.

Suzie Grogan 2012

I have been struggling to concentrate on any one aspect of my rather heavy workload at the moment. Marketing Dandelions and Bad Hair Days is a priority and I have another book to research but there are lots of those more routine things that seem to sap the life out of the working day. Time management is a real challenge. Procrastination is the very devil to resist.

Earlier in the year, when we had a spell of fine weather, I got far more work done than I have recently, when I am forced indoors by teeming rain and cold wind, rather than sitting at the keyboard voluntarily. I can’t sit out in the garden with an afternoon cup of tea, catching up with the reading I long to do. My mood lowers with the cloud, which then obscures my ability to see what is important and get it done. The simplest tasks are made harder by the fog that seems to creep onto the pages of whatever I am trying to write.

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Let’s hope it stops by Tuesday…. Rain in poetry by A A Milne & Langston Hughes

I couldn’t resist it. The rain has been incessant. The roads of Somerset are flooded and the thick, grey sky seems to come down so low you fear you will lose your way in it. Will it ever stop?

These are not April showers, or even downpours; it is simply dropping from the sky steadily, with no sign of a break in the clouds. It feels more like autumn than spring and the tiny plants just showing their leaves above soil warmed in March are flattened to the surface once again.

On a day like this, when the weather lowers the mood and the boredom is hard to counter, what better way to spend the late afternoon hours than browsing poetry on the internet, finding poets never before encountered? That’s what I have been doing; thinking of subjects or themes to start a journey through links and around poetry sites. I tried to ignore it, but as another gust of wind drove raindrops hard against the window and as the sound of cars splashing through puddles in the road outside continued, it was obvious where I should start.

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The Gallery: before & after the storm…

The prompt for Week 35 of the Gallery at Sticky Fingers is ‘Before & After’. It wasn’t an easy one for me – my children are now teenagers and have moved through so many stages that I can’t choose from the myriad photos I have of them in albums, drawers, the loft and on the PC. I haven’t recently had a makeover or done any decorating. There was also the added issue of being asked to take a new photo especially for the prompt, and my family are hopeless at being obliging in that respect.

So having seen the devastation in Cornwall today, and having experienced high winds and torrential downpours here in Somerset I thought a trip out to one of my favourite spots – the Wellington Monument high on the Blackdown Hills – was in order. We were there just three weeks ago, when I took the first of these two shots on my SLR. The second one, taken from more or  less the same place, is what it looks like now and is taken with the phone on my camera.  Three and a bit weeks and about 10 inches of rain and gale force winds have turned a picture of what could almost be late summer into one that is not even a season of mists or mellow fruitfulness anymore. Continue reading “The Gallery: before & after the storm…”

Rendlesham Forest in the rain – well it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Sign-for-UFO-trail-in-Ren-001It was raining when we got up this morning. Really, really raining. Not just tiddling, but hammering, crashing and flooding off the flat roof of the small conservatory on our home for the holidays. The one where my husband Peter and I  are enjoying our first fortnight alone together for millenia. It was a Suffolk deluge. Apparently this is one of drier parts of the UK in summer…

Then it stopped. Properly stopped, not just as if the clouds were taking a breather. The sun came out, a warm breeze was blowing and the natural reaction was to get out of the front door as quickly as possible, with the dog, to have a walk in beautiful Rendlesham Forest, as recommended by Peter’s brother.

Well how was that for an error of judgment? We arrived at the tiny visitor centre (looking back, it is so tiny that only the people working there have any form of shelter from the elements)  soon after twelve and were still able to think about leaving all the waterproofs in the car. I even considered wearing my trainers – the type with that airtex vest type material on the top (you see what a fitness expert I am..) Some small voice convinced me otherwise, thank goodness and the same voice ensured Peter stuffed the anoraks in the rucksack just in case.

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