Gallery 38 – White: Its been a bad year for our noses….

……but a great year for making snowy photographic memories.

This is a post for week 38 of The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. The theme is ‘white’ in honour, or otherwise, of the snow and ice most have us have experienced in varying amounts over the past two weeks. As I write the army has been called out to clear the streets of Edinburgh of snow and much of the country is gripped by sub-zero temperatures. I have been braving the garden to put out cheese, crumbs and seeds for the starlings and wagtailsthat are literally flocking to the bird table and flat roof outside the window where I write, only to see gulls and magpies snatch the bigger titbits. I suppose they need to feed their fat bellies too.

We are due to get a heatwave here in the south-west tomorrow. It is going to be 5 degrees centigrade. Put it this way, I am not putting the jumpers away any time soon. I loved Len Goodman’s remark about Anne Widdicombe on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ this week. ‘It’s like the snow – its fun to start with and then you just want it to go away…’ (or words to that effect). It is true that I have never seen so many people on twitter complaining of some hideous lurgi or other and when I took the dog out yesterday I swear my lungs froze. But snow can be so beautiful, and is so rare in the south of Britain that it seems a shame to wish it away. So I am posting my photos because they make me think of really good times in the snow, with the family and on my own. I hope I can look back on these when the 25th December dawns grey, wet and dreary as is it’s wont in these parts and dream of a white Christmas.

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The Gallery: before & after the storm…

The prompt for Week 35 of the Gallery at Sticky Fingers is ‘Before & After’. It wasn’t an easy one for me – my children are now teenagers and have moved through so many stages that I can’t choose from the myriad photos I have of them in albums, drawers, the loft and on the PC. I haven’t recently had a makeover or done any decorating. There was also the added issue of being asked to take a new photo especially for the prompt, and my family are hopeless at being obliging in that respect.

So having seen the devastation in Cornwall today, and having experienced high winds and torrential downpours here in Somerset I thought a trip out to one of my favourite spots – the Wellington Monument high on the Blackdown Hills – was in order. We were there just three weeks ago, when I took the first of these two shots on my SLR. The second one, taken from more or  less the same place, is what it looks like now and is taken with the phone on my camera.  Three and a bit weeks and about 10 inches of rain and gale force winds have turned a picture of what could almost be late summer into one that is not even a season of mists or mellow fruitfulness anymore. Continue reading “The Gallery: before & after the storm…”

The sedge has wither’d from the lake and no birds sing…

The theme for this week at Sticky Fingers Gallery is ‘seasons’. I am sitting here writing this post, looking out of the window over the garden as gale force winds and squally showers fling the last few leaves from the rose bushes and I am fearing for the bird table. Something tells me it could be half way up the street feeding the robins in someone else’s garden by this evening.

It is most certainly autumn, and not really the autumn of ‘Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ anymore. It has a wintry feel about it now; the nights are drawing in and we bought our Christmas cards at the weekend. The one we always receive first, from an old college friend of Peter’s, will be with us in two weeks time with the newsletter telling us of the minutiae of her life over the past twelve months. Where have those 52 weeks gone?

At the weekend we went for a walk in our local park here in Wellington. The Park was a gift from the Quaker Fox family to the town in 1903 as a memorial to the coronation of King Edward VII. It is Grade II listed and it is utterly fabulous. It has the prettiest little house in it, with a beautiful Arts & Crafts style stone tablet embedded in the brickwork and there is  a bandstand still used on a regular basis in the summer. Children and adults alike love it, many sitting above the ‘ha ha’ (to which our attention is quickly drawn as an historic but rather dangerous feature as soon as you walk through the gate), to watch local football matches on the rec, of which you get a great view. It is a long way down…..

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The Gallery 32 – Life through red tinted lenses…

The prompt for week 32 of The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers in The Colour Red in homage to Halloween and all things gory and gruesome. I love ghosts and the gothic at any time of year but it is a long time since I went to a Halloween party, and when I did I just looked like Robert Smith of The Cure. My kids are also past the age of Trick or Treating thank goodness – the sooner that evening of permission to beg for revolting sweets at the doors of strangers goes out of fashion the better in my view (what is the equivalent of Bah! Humbug! for Halloween?). So as I know Tara is always happy to look at the prompt from every camera angle I thought I would post one of a series of pictures – basically tinkering with a tree.

Actually, looking at it again, out of context (there were other colours in the series) it does look somewhat gory, like the blood vessels in a lung. Uugh….