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An Islington murder

Or should I say, TWO Islington murders…. Readers of my blog might know that I have been undertaking research on the area around Clerkenwell and Islington generally as I work to understand the life my London ancestors led. I have … Continue reading

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Calling Clerkenwell home – roots in roguish & revolutionary soil

The line between ‘family’ and ‘social’ history is becoming ever more blurred. For me, studying my tree has always been more about the history surrounding the lives of my ancestors than finding each and every distant relation. I know I … Continue reading

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The Clerkenwell Outrage of 1867 – Irish Republicanism in London

In 1868 Queen Victoria wrote a disturbing note to the then Home Secretary. She was deeply unhappy ” to see the failure of the evidence against all but one of the Clerkenwell criminals… it seems dreadful for these people to … Continue reading

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