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Ode to a Chestnut…

Back to blogging, and back to writing. Be patient with me – since moving to France my fingers have been slow to get moving across the keyboard or notebook. Things are warming up though, as the days get colder and, … Continue reading

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Back to blogging with a big, fat bang….

I have been subject to a ‘blogging malaise’ over the past few weeks. Trying to think of a subject to cover; a poem to recommend; a book to discuss etc has seemed too much trouble. No more wriggling out of … Continue reading

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‘Mum!! The dog ate the flapjacks!!!’ – So I share a perfect recipe with the world..

We have a lovely 5-year-old blackĀ LabradorĀ x Collie dog called Barnaby. Apparently ‘free’, in that we had him as a puppy following a friend’s dog producing a surprise litter, he has, in truth, cost us a fortune. There have been the … Continue reading

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On a ‘Cresta’ of a wave – down memory lane to the retro sweetshop..

I appreciate that I may once again be accused of unremitting nostalgia, melancholia and a yearning for times past , (as well as an appalling propensity for puns in my titles) but there was only one significant disappointment on my … Continue reading

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