Suzie Grogan’s French Escape

I have been meaning to update my own blog for weeks now, but I have made some big life changes in recent months and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. Thanks to all those who have continued to find and read me – I am very grateful. Normal service is about to be resumed, and I was intending to make my first post about our most significant news – we have moved to France – Finistere in Brittany to be precise – and are currently settling in, getting our businesses set up (we are still working) and making sure we are part of the French system before the dreaded Brexit arrives.

But, thanks to author Suzie Tullett, whose novel The French Escape will be out soon, I was prompted to put fingers to laptop and actually get something done, and today I am on her blog, explaining our reasons for leaving the UK and our hopes for the future. Looking at it, I think the only thing I didn’t mention as I should was how much I miss friends and family. Luckily we already have people willing to travel to see us and will welcome them soon, including our lovely children, but on the day I found out that one of my very loveliest friends has suffered a horrible riding accident and will be laid up for weeks I feel I need to mention what seems obvious. Fingers crossed we will get some quality time to spend with people who we often catch for just a couple of hours at a time.

And this is an important part of this move- finding some time, space and a place to breathe. I’ll be posting again soon – thank you all for your patience x

Suzie Tullett

Hi, everyone

With only two weeks until the release of my latest novel, the French escape series continues. Today’s feature comes from fellow author Suzie Grogan, who left the UK for French pastures new a couple of months ago.

Welcome to France and to my blog, Suzie. Now it’s over to you.

My French Escape by Suzie Grogan

We started to make tentative plans for a new life in a new country about three years ago. Our two children had left home and were making plans for a future in London. We lived in a small town in Somerset in a terraced house on a rat run and were fed up with being bullied in our own road by impatient drivers trying to save about 5 seconds on their journey.  Life was speeding past with them and we wanted a change. It was a medium to long-term ambition as I would…

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