Love Poems You Wish You had Written #2–Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art”

David J Beauman, otherwise well-known as The Dad Poet has inspired me many a time – usually to focus on a poet I know little about, or appreciate a popular poem in a different way. He also led me to post many ‘Love poems you wish you had written‘ on here, and reads poetry beautifully – I would recommend his recordings on Soundcloud.

Today he has written a great piece, around Elizabeth Bishop’s wonderful ‘One Art’, about how even the most natural sounding poetry is often crafted and drafted to the enth degree before the poet feels happy with it. Even then, he or she might return to adjust it over time. As he suggests, even if we are now offered the opportunity to share our work with the world the very moment it crosses our mind, and might be encouraged to spew forth our emotions and present them to the world in their raw state, that doesn’t mean we should….

Do explore The Dad Poet blog, especially if you love poetry (although he also writes beautifully on the joys and pressures of family life, and life in general). Be warned though, you may find that like me, you find yourself sidetracked and distracted from the to do list…..

David J. Bauman

bishopyoung1Suzie has published her second Valentine poem of the week, a lovely and human piece by W. H. Auden, called “Lullaby.”  The deal this year is that we are posting requests, but I will tell you up front that this one was requested by nobody but me. It’s one of my favorite poems of all time, and certainly my favorite villanelle. We talked about this French form recently here on the Dad Poet when I discussed three villanelle examples that the library workshop used. You may see at least some of the fruits of our efforts in an upcoming post.

But I chose “One Art” today for other reasons. An old friendship has re-ignited from more than twenty years ago, from my first college days in the flatlands of Indiana. You can find some truly excellent advice on editing over at Joel’s blog, the Green Caret. Caret (^) is…

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2 Responses to Love Poems You Wish You had Written #2–Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art”

  1. I’m not sure there is a better compliment that I could receive, Suzie. Thank you!

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