‘let’s talk! about mental health – #Take5 on the 5th February to discuss mental health

As today is the (deep breath!) Time to Change ‘Time to Talk’ #Take5 minutes to start a conversation about mental health day I am on the ‘let’s talk!’ blog for The Terrace Psychotherapy & Complementary Therapy Clinic in Taunton, talking about my life affected by depression and anxiety, and about Dandelions and Bad Hair Days, the book filled with the wonderful contributions from guest posters to No wriggling out of writing. Do follow the links and buy the book if you haven’t yet got a copy and are interested – all money goes to SANE and OCD Action. And remember keep TALKING 🙂

let's talk!

logoToday is Time to Talk Day, when the charity Time to Change asks us to all to spend five minutes discussing mental health issues. The aim is to raise awareness, reduce stigma and encourage people to open up about a subject which is still taboo for many.

So here on let’s talk! we thought we should do just that, and have asked our regular contributor, Suzie Grogan, to start a conversation about how mental health issues affect her, and what raising awareness means to her.

My name is Suzie and I have experienced mental illness. There I have said it.

This is actually how I began my first ever post about mental health, four years ago, on my blog over at No wriggling out of writing and the response to it was overwhelming. It led to my offering a monthly guest post slot to someone else who wanted to say something…

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