Is Britain still “Shell-Shocked”? A question for World Mental Health Day

Today, for World Mental Health Day, my second stop on the Shell Shocked Britain blog tour is the lovely Vivienne Tuffnell’s Zen & the Art of Tightrope Walking. Viv writes wonderful, thoughtful books herself, and inspired the title of my previous book ‘Dandelions and Bad Hair Days. In this piece I wanted to reflect on how far we have, or haven’t, come in the last 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. Statistics relating to the struggles experienced by 21st century service personnel shocked me and on this day we need to recall ALL those who experience lasting trauma from their involvement in conflict around the world.

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

Today I am hosting a guest post for my friend Suzie.

Suzie Grogan is a London-born professional writer and researcher in the fields of social and family history and mental health. Suzie’s first book Dandelions and Bad Hair Days: Untangling Lives Affected by Depression and Anxiety was published in 2012 and she also writes for a wide variety of national magazines. Suzie also runs a popular blog, ‘No wriggling out of writing’, and presents a local radio show on literature, called ‘Talking Books’.

Image 2a

In 2012 I edited a book entitled Dandelions and Bad Hair Days: Untangling lives lived with depression and anxiety. It is an anthology of poetry, prose and photos produced by more than twenty people good enough to contribute to a monthly guest post slot on my blog No wriggling out of writing. They were prompted by my own story ‘Mental health, motherhood and finding the…

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