‘My Black Sheep’

Today I am thrilled to be featured on The Victorian Supersleuth blog, writing about my saucy ancestor Samuel Furneaux. Angela Buckley has established this fascinating site, to examining the work of Joseph Caminada, a great Manchester detective of the 19th century and the ‘original’ Sherlock Holmes. Angela has written a book about his work for Pen & Sword History and it will be published in the spring of 2014. I can’t wait to read it and feel lucky to be writing for the same imprint. ‘Victorian Supersleuth’ is full of family stories of skeletons in closets and the trials and tribulations of fighting crime in the nineteenth century. Do take a look!

Victorian Supersleuth

Wonderful writer, researcher and family historian, Suzie Grogan aka @keatsbabe has kindly agreed to share this fascinating, and highly entertaining (not for his poor wife!), story of her naughty ancestor:

Samuel Furneaux, the brother of my Great Grandfather George Furneaux, was born in the very poor area of London around St Pancras Station in 1839. The Furneaux family were generally hardworking and sober and later in the century took advantage of their proximity to the tracks to embrace lives working on the railway that carved up their neighbourhood.

As a Furneaux (I have always loved my maiden name) I felt quite glamorous. My father was convinced we came from France with the revolution, or following the persecution of the Huguenots. It was only later, after detailed analysis of the family tree that we found little blue blood and a lot of cobblers. Literally. I was disappointed. We do so love a little…

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One Response to ‘My Black Sheep’

  1. Victorian Supersleuth says:

    Thanks Suzie, and great to see Samuel’s escapades on your fabulous blog too xx

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