Meaningless, meaningless, all is meaningless

I am not someone who can engage easily with the established church, whilst at the same time I long for the kind of faith that can support me at times when I am down, anxious or depressed. This post, from the Kung Fu Preacher Man (who I was lucky enough to meet in person on Friday) is so refreshing I felt I had to share it. I am not saying it will suddenly convert people to reading the bible (goodness knows I am not a person you should allow to convert you to anything, nor would I try) but for many of us the Church seems out of touch and lacking in empathy. Perhaps, after all, the bible doesn’t think it has all the answers. Perhaps after all it does have, in its list of characters, people with whom we can relate. Feel free to argue with me, disagree vehemently, worry about me, whatever. I just liked this post…


Cheerful book Ecclesiates: ‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. ‘Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless’ (Ecclesiastes 1.2). I don’t know about you but I normally turn to the Bible for encouragement, or wisdom or perhaps guidance. I don’t tend to look for a big slice of depression; with cream and a cherry on top, but that’s just what I find in Ecclesiastes.

The writer is rich and successful but is bored with life. He has children but he obviously doesn’t think much of them because he resents leaving his wealth for them to enjoy. He is bitter and twisted, which begs the question, “why have this in the Bible”? Why indeed?

Well for a start, it chimes with how most people feel about life, at least at some point. No matter how positive I want to be, at times life will get me down. Then these passages are strangely comforting…

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