‘In relation to’ what? On ‘Talking Books’ and chewing words….

Baby-chewing-bookLots of people have asked me how my new radio show is going and how they might listen to it again or online. That is very good of you, my friends but I thought I ought to listen to it myself first…. What a scary experience!

After a little bit of intro, where I was myself interviewed about the programme and what I hope it will offer, I was lucky enough to have author Beth Webb as my first guest, a storyteller by trade and writer of books for children and young adults (see my previous post). Listening to it again I am very conscious that I a) waffle a bit b) sat further back from the microphone than my guest, who has the mellow tones I want to cultivate and c) giggle quite a lot and say ‘in relation to’ a little too often. It was nerves – those erudite sentences just slipped away from me. I will try and ensure I sound a little more ‘serious’ in future and will also make sure the producer of the day knows of my propensity to forget I have to talk into the mic….

So here is the link. Remember – you can listen to this live online at 10Radio.org every other Friday morning at 11am, repeated following Monday at 6pm. The next show – which will include a discussion about crime writing is on Friday 12th April. Any requests for poems, themes or discussions gratefully received. As are broadcasting tips….

Perhaps I am being a little hard on myself as I have had some really positive feedback. I certainly enjoyed it and that at least, I think, comes across. Fingers crossed people want to hear me enjoying myself every other week for the foreseeable future.

Even if you can’t listen to the whole programme, just catch the first few minutes to hear what I will be up to on the show. I will be asking for your input via Facebook, Twitter and this blog  – so please do let me know who your favourite fictional detectives are; the crime writers you most enjoy and the adaptations for large and small screen that you think work best.

Thanks for listening!

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2 Responses to ‘In relation to’ what? On ‘Talking Books’ and chewing words….

  1. Rivenrod says:

    Rather lovely young lady . . .



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