I don’t know what it is but I’ve lost it…the evaporation of the blogging mojo

Over recent months visits to my blog have doubled, but the number of posts I have written has halved. What could the explanation be?

It is easy actually, to know why this has happened. I am not sure how to see my way through the position I find myself in.

A few weeks ago a very popular TH antiques expert died suddenly and I quickly put up a post admitting to a love of daytime auction programmes and expressing my sadness at the loss of someone who was always able to cheer me up for a few minutes with a cheeky smile and a love of beautiful things.

I was not alone and as the BBC let his death pass with barely a whisper (probably due to the country being in the midst of Olympic fever) many people searching for confirmation on the internet came to my blog. The statistics shot up and just as they has settled down to a more accurate reflection of my worth to the population in general, the BBC ran a little tribute after Bargain Hunt yesterday. As at today’s date, the post has had more than 10,000 hits. The comments section reads like a book of condolence and despite contacting the BBC to ask if they could pass the link to my site to his family, I just got a generic ‘thank you for your comment’, comment.

I don’t regret writing that post but what I do regret is finding out is how easy it can be to artificially inflate one’s statistics. I was already proud of my Google ranking, which is probably why so many people found my blog on this subject in the first place, but now I feel as if the rest of my posts have had no impact whatsoever in comparison to the response one can get simply by picking a subject that is a hot topic.

So, my blogging mojo has been trampled underfoot. It was already affected by my preoccupation with Dandelions and Bad Hair Days as it comes to the launch date but now I am all at sea. If anyone out there is a regular reader of my blog and could give me a bit of a boost, or suggest a topic I could write on that would be popular, but not THAT popular, I would love to hear from you.

Otherwise I may start wriggling out of writing (or at least blogging) again….

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18 Responses to I don’t know what it is but I’ve lost it…the evaporation of the blogging mojo

  1. rinsimpson says:

    Ah, the eternal ‘why do I blog?’ question. I’m sure everyone gets it. My stats are pretty low, and I don’t have all that many comments, but I really enjoy putting posts together, so that’s my main satisfaction. I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to take some time out and rediscover your purpose (for yourself, rather than for someone else)… we’ll still be here when you get back!

  2. Viv says:

    I understand.
    Actually, I wonder if you (like me) are currently so overstretched in terms of mental energy that there’s no space for the blogging to incubate?
    I echo the comment above: take time out to think. Oh and we’ll have some cocktails when I come next week. That might give you something to blog about….!!

  3. Viv says:

    And as for the rest, well, I know plenty deliberately choose hot topics and SEO specific terms and subjects just so they can get higher hits and rankings. I’d rather go slow and let the people who really need to find my blog, find it rather than just numbers. High numbers are nice but do they build anything solid? probably not!

  4. Angela Buckley says:

    I love your blog, Suzie – you write so well about all kinds of topics and there is always something new to learn or think about in your posts. I don’t think you should worry too much about your ‘wider’ audience but please do keep writing for those of us who enjoy following you xx

    • keatsbabe says:

      That is lovely to know Angela! I am getting flabby – both bodily and writing-wise so will take a bit of time out to get fit – some London based research will help…x

  5. Isabel says:

    Well hi, I’m one of your new readers brought in by the Bargain Hunt post (because what is nicer than BH, warm socks, a mug of tea and a Digestive now Autumn is here?). But that doesn’t mean I want you to change your blog :). Having read about BH I went on to learn about Millais (who’s always left me cold… who knew there was a subtext to Mr Meh?). And now I want to stick around in case you learn more of Sarah Hardiman’s story. So, in summary… write what you like; I’m listening

    • keatsbabe says:

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment! It made me feel SO much better. You are right – nothing better than a bit of BH and a chill out. I need to do more of that at the moment and I am sure to be inspired by something. Glad you were intrigued by poor Sarah. I’m up in London in a few weeks time so hope to find out more. Will keep you ‘posted’!

  6. sonofwalt says:

    I know that one of the reasons I blog is to keep me writing, keep the muscles toned, as it were. But at times like now when I am doing tons of public readings (god, for the governor’s wife next week!), and writing lots of new poems, editing old, and submitting. . . well, the need for the blog is less. Just a little exercise to keep limber, that’s all. Maybe Viv has a good point. You are releasing a new book in just 9 days, so you do not need to be hard on yourself about not blogging! You need to be patting yourself on the back.

    So, ask yourself, what you want to get out of this? I’d miss you if you left (so you had better add me in social media somewhere!), but this place could turn into mainly a promotional and social outlet for your work on paper. Who knows? It is what you want it to be, and we all have to re-evaluate now and then. It’s just part of growth. To me, though now I know your real name, you’re still Keatsbabe. But what you should do in the blogosphere is exactly what makes you happy. 🙂 That’s my two cents.

    • keatsbabe says:

      I think I am learning that I have to think harder about what makes me happy. I know what I think keeps me ‘upbeat’ but maybe I haven’t quite got it right. Whatever happens, writing is involved somewhere!

  7. I don’t think I can say anything better than your faithful readers above already have, but I just want to add how much I enjoy your writing and reflection. Focus on the postive of those inflated hits. You didn’t post out of a need to try to glom onto a hotbutton topic. You haven’t sold out your blog posts to whatever corporations want you to promote their wares. You were just a beautiful person, writing a beautiful commentary about someone who touched your life.
    On days you don’t want to write. Post one solitary photo that sums up your feelings. We’ll understand, and we’ll keep returning.

    • keatsbabe says:

      That is a good idea – a photo. I always think I have to write a lot but I love those blogs that just present me with a simple image or thought for the day. As oyu know, I love yours so thank you!

  8. sarahcru says:

    Chill sweetpea. Your writing is great and loved by a regular audience and like others have said, you have a lot on your plate right now, so don’t worry if you’re not feeling energised by this particular project. Take a little break and come back to it, refreshed in a few weeks time. xx

  9. amanda says:

    Don’t do it! Your blog is beautiful, Suzie. I have long come to the conclusion that there is something very odd and random about blogging statistics. Otherwise how account for the sudden strange Russian avalanche on mine?
    Anyway, you owe it to Mr Keats (and his friends) to carry on posting.
    Pecker up.

    • keatsbabe says:

      Yes – Keats’ friends need me! But they need me to get it right too so that research is important to me. Thought I might blog about that house at Bedhampton with all its internal horrors….

      • amanda says:

        Just caught up with this, Suzie. Only 20 days late! Too much going down at the moment.

        The Bedhampton soft furnishing nightmare has kind of morphed in my mind with the horror of Jane Austen’s ring going to some pop singer in America whose familiarity with the novels seems to be limited to the awful Keira Knightley take on P&P.
        Kate Moss installed in Coleridge’s house …

        Forget a post, a thesis awaits.

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