10, 9, 8… Now the ‘clocks’ really are counting down for Dandelions and Bad Hair Days.

Well it is definitely happening now. No longer an idea, or a manuscript or a virtual, social media entity. Dandelions and Bad Hair Days is a physical book – with a cover and everything! It has an ISBN number, a cover price and a launch party booked and so, with much wringing of hands and nibbling of pearly pink painted fingernails it is truly all go here – the marketing really has to move up a gear so that as many people as possible find out about the book before publication. With all profits going to the mental health charity SANE and other mental health charities nominated by contributors it is vital that I get the message out there.

So…. the 10th October is the big day. The launch party is booked for 7pm at Brendon Books in Taunton, a fabulous independently run bookshop – the owners of which also organise the Taunton Literary Festival.

Today I found out from Tim at Dotterel Press that the cover price will be £5.99 and the book will be available via Amazon for worldwide distribution. There will be an initial print run and then we will have to see how it goes…. Frankly, I am terrified. Those people who contributed to the book and helped me with the publication of it deserve to be part of a huge success story. We don’t just want to raise money – important though that is – we want to contribute to the great work others are doing to raise awareness of mental health issues and challenge the stigma still evident in employment, health and, frankly, life.

The pieces in the book vary widely – from a straightforward account of depression to the heartbreak of a parent at the loss of a child. Poetry and prose combine to offer stories of suffering and pain, but also hope, laughter and life. The authors are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends. They are everyone; all of us.

So please do visit the Dandelions and Bad Hair Days website, ‘like’ the Facebook page and follow the #DABHD hashtag on Twitter to help support those who are living with depression and anxiety and finding ways to manage mental health issues. With a Foreword by Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of SANE and their endorsement you can be confident that in buying a copy from the 10th October you will be making a real difference.

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3 Responses to 10, 9, 8… Now the ‘clocks’ really are counting down for Dandelions and Bad Hair Days.

  1. Congratulations. Great news!

  2. Congratulations and good luck for the launch date

  3. cav12 says:

    Congratulations. I hope it takes off!

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