In praise of daytime antiques programmes – a tribute to David Barby

For some reason I have felt compelled to write a quick blog post. Usually I spend quite a lot of time researching and writing a post that involves a literary or historical connection. Or I indulge in reminiscence or even have a rant.

But today I just wanted to say something that might be a little unfashionable in historical circles in tribute to one of the masters of the ‘art’ of daytime television.

It was announced today that David Barby has died, aged just 63,  following a stroke. I was surprised at how genuinely upset I felt at the news – to be honest there are so many tragedies in the world that to mourn the death of a celebrity auctioneer and antiques dealer might seem indulgent.

However, he has been involved in programmes such as Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip for years and at this point it seems only right to make an admission – I really enjoy sitting down with a cuppa in front of the telly and having fun with these shows.

David Barby, Tim Wonnacott, Anita Manning, Charles Hanson et al and the gorgeous Jonathan Pratt have become familiar faces to those people who are at home during the daytime or early evening – either working from home, caring for kids or parents or experiencing ill-health perhaps.  Apart from Cash in the Attic which leaves me cold (something to do with Jennie Bond I think) these are programmes which I find cosy and relaxing. OK they are not high art; they are as shallow as history on television gets,  but I have learnt a lot about ceramics and silver from the experts and regularly enjoy seeing them get it horribly wrong. Whilst on a recent family reunion the fact that my daughter got the presenter of Bargain Hunt right was somewhat sneered at. Why? I was out and proud of her. There is too much violence and unhappiness in the world to poo-poo forty-five minutes of gentle fun.

David Barby was camp and clever and endlessly full of grumpy fun. I am sad we won’t see his smiling face on our screens anymore. It is easy to sneer at daytime telly and some of it is dire or seemingly aimed at people who like to feel angry all the time (Cowboy Trap, Rogue Traders etc) or those who enjoy watching injured people suffering indignities in air ambulances (Real Rescues, Helicopter Heroes).

But I don’t mind admitting to the guilty pleasure of a packet of Hob Nobs, a cup of tea and the sight of David Barby arguing with Philip Serrell over a three-legged stool.

RIP Mr Barby. You will be much missed.

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116 Responses to In praise of daytime antiques programmes – a tribute to David Barby

  1. David Mills says:

    What a wonderful tribute, thankyou. I too share your love of daytime television antique shows, and there was no greater expert, exponent and presenter than David Barby. I found myself upset in the way you were – I think that he managed to make a special connection with the viewer and I shall miss his smile and warmth.

    • sue says:

      he was great wasnt he always made me smile

    • Mrs.Crawley says:

      I only learned of David Barby’s passing last weekend and was shocked. I have no idea how I missed such sad news. He was, as everyone has expressed, a lovely gentleman who made the antiques programmes both enjoyable and interesting. Such a quiet nature and approach to his vocation. I am sure he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. My thoughts are with his family and friends. A gentleman taken far too soon.

    • Linda Chatfield says:

      Having only just discovered David had passed away, I was shocked and like other comments, upset in the same way. A comfortable and knowledgable presence has gone from our tv screens. In an age of dumbing down and superficial faff, we cannot afford to lose people like David. He will be sadly missed

  2. wow I didn’t know Suzie….echo your thoughts..such a lovely bloke

  3. pat newbold says:

    very very sad news i thought he was wonderful i will miss him very much. very young too. x

  4. Lynne Earthy says:

    Thats so sad. I agree with your blog Suzie. He was such a lovely man. I remember when he sported a shiny black eye and stitches on Bargain Hunt. Apparently he had fallen out of an attic!! But he carried on even though he was obviously suffering! RIP David Darby.

  5. I agree with everything written here. He was a real gent who was very knowledgeable about antiques.He died too soon and will be sadly missed.

  6. Bill Urwin says:

    A real gentleman who will be missed in our household also.

  7. Brian Robinson says:

    Very sad, he was always one of the stalwarts of Bargain Hunt and never failed to provide his
    wealth of experience to whatever team he was with. Sadly missed and sincere condolances to his

  8. Alan Darwin says:

    A lovely man who will be sadly missed RIP

  9. margaret bradley says:

    how sad, he seemed such a lovely man. I thought he was a great dealer, with such a big character. He always brightened my day when I watched him on telly. My heart goes out to his family, and many friends. I am going to miss seeing him, its so tragic. LEDGEND.

  10. Oh..that we might hear him say one more time..Is that your very best price? to some poor antique shop owner.Then deliver that famous stare.Oh David,how you made me laugh.I also enjoyed the spats between him an Phillip Serrell.What a pair of naughty boys.With Anita Manning he was so hilariously camp and funny.What a lovely kind and gentle man you were David.

    • Wendy rhodes says:

      I cried when I heard the news from Tim on Bargain Hunt Monday. I have always watched every programme regarding antiques, especially enjoyed the banter between David and Phil. David was so astute and normally got the value of the ornaments down to the letter. A gentleman and a very courteous man who will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace.

  11. Ross McGarrie says:

    Very sad to hear about David barbys death he always made me laugh on antiques road trip plus bargain hunt etc. REST IN PEACE BIG MAN YOU WILL BE MISSED BY ALL.

  12. brian white says:


  13. Yes..he could be grumpy, and irrascible at times….but together with the other ‘regulars’ was a real personality and knew his stuff – ‘Quality, quality, quality’ is a phrase I will always remember him by – he will be sadlty missed !

  14. Mrs D.Horscroft says:

    He’ll certainly be missed -always knew when he saw anything to do with cats he was likely to pick it -as he liked cats.R.I.P. David you certainly tookeveryone by surprise.

  15. Margaret says:

    A true gent in every way,he will be missed by many many people,my condolences go out to his family . RIP David

  16. Dee Emm says:

    Here Her to everyone’s comments. I loved his campness, his knowledge and the depth of his knowledge and experience. he and Philip Serrell were an unappreciated double act outside of those of us who watched the pair of them on the various antiques programmes they featured in.

    It’s going to take some getting used to never again hearing Davids ever-so-slightly camp enquiry: “is that your VERY best price?”

    RIP David. That’s your final lot!

  17. Dorothy hall says:

    So sad to hear of Mr Barby passing away he will be so missed – my deapest condlences to his family.

  18. May mcarthur says:

    RIP David you’ll be missed

  19. Andrew Stewart says:

    All the posts and tributes demonstrate the huge amount if affection the public felt for this wonderful man. I too, was extremely upset at his passing at a far too young age.
    I hope there is a suitable tribute to him on television.

    • Joyce Wilkes says:

      I was shocked to hear the sad news – I agree with Andrew Stewart that hopefully there will be a suitable tribute to him on TV

  20. Paul and Christine Snape, Stoke on Trent says:

    So very sad to hear the news of David’s death. We think he would have been fascinated and perhaps a little embarrassed to know how fond of home we all became. We used to wait for the moment when he would look at the dealer and say is that your VERY best price…classic! Rest in peace David, you will be sorely missed. Sincere condolences to all the family and friends, you were fortunate to have had David in your lives. We could only “borrow” him via the TV occasionally. X

  21. colin warner says:

    A great expert and a very warm person. He will be greatly missed

  22. avondalepaul says:

    I too was surprised at how upset I felt. Thanks for this lovely blog which captured my sentiments entirely, but so much more eloquently than I could have ever done.

  23. Brian Bowe says:

    So, so sorry to hear the sad news relating to David Barby, I am in my 70’s and it seems strange that David Barby,Arthur Negus and Fred Dibnah all had that magic touch of being able to effortlessly project their personalities to the Television. screen . Whereas some of the professionals leave me cold..
    Flog it and Bargain Hunt will never be the same again .

  24. Rob Butler says:

    I was happily watching an amazing event. The London 2012 opening ceremony I was so happy and then i was flicking through the news and felt so sad. He was so brilliant on Bargain Hunt, I always felt slightly disappointed if he wasn’t one of the experts on the show. What an amazing person, he always seemed so genuinely nice even if he was a bit cross occasionally! Thank you so much for the tribute, I feel a bit sad that because he has died this week I think lots of people won’t realise until they watch Bargain Hunt and they do some sort of tribute. Thank you for this blog post. Although it would be harsh to call him an Antique he was truely a treasured antique on that show. There is so much more I could say, I really liked him and am actually gutted. 😦
    Will miss you David Barby. RIP

  25. Mike Hutchings says:

    You have all described the emotions I feel. A great personality – gone!

  26. linda says:

    a lovely man I too was surprised how sad i felt when I heard the news

  27. Nita Lakey says:

    So upset that the BBC ‘lost’ this news in the Olympic wall to wall coverage. He was a truly great entertainer without even realising that he was. I too loved to hear him whisper “Is that your VERY best price?” in husky tones. I will really miss him – and what an awful shock for his family to lose him at a relatively young age. Thank you Suzie for your tribute – I hope the BBC will also make up for their lack of coverage at the time.

  28. Peoney says:

    Very sad news, such a smart gent.

  29. Sue Parker says:

    Very sad to hear about David Barby, I normally feel sad when I hear about celebrities I like passing away, but this time I feel like I have lost a very good friend, I will miss him very much.

  30. Jan & Tony says:

    My husband and I have just returned from a day selling at an antique fair. It is only because of people like David Barby we ever got interested. Just read of his death in our local Sunday newspaper today and we both feel so so sad. What a terrible terrible sad time for his family and friends. Nothing said can make things better. Sadly missed by so many followers.

  31. Aileen says:

    So sad to hear of David Barby’s untimely passing. Our family thought he resembled the cowardly lion from the original Wizard of Oz and he was our favourite Bargain Hunter, so knowledgeable and he always had a twinkle in his eye. He will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his family.

  32. Becky and John Hithersay says:

    I was just googling and found this wonderful tribute. David was our much loved Brother-in-law and a fabulous Uncle to our children. His passing leaves a huge void in our lives which we are doing our best to fill with all our happy memories. Thank you all for so many lovely comments x

    • So sorry for your loss,allways watched the antique programes and David was one of my favourite people to listen to,R.I.P Mr David Barby may you rest in peace,and you will never be forgotten

    • margaret bradley says:

      he seemed such a lovely man. we all feel the loss,but the pain for you and your children, must be hard to bear x

  33. Gladys says:

    Gladys & Sam
    29th July 2012 at 10.50pm
    My sister phoned me with the sad news of David’s passing. My husband and I were shocked and saddened. He was brilliant and funny and made day time viewing a pleasure. He’ll be very much missed.

  34. keatsbabe says:

    So far almost 3,000 people have read this post and more than 30 people have left their comments. I wasn’t sure whether anyone would feel the same as I did when I learnt the news of David Barby’s death, but now I can see that my feelings are mirrored across Britain. The fact that members of his family have seen this and have witnessed the outpouring of love for the man makes me feel priveleged to have been the channel through which so many have been able to express their sadness. He touched many and will be much missed. Our thoughts are with all those close to him.

  35. Mary Kahramanoglou says:

    My husband and I met David Barby at one of the televised auctions. He was even more delightful in the flesh than on T.V. We chatted to him for quite a while, not about antiques but about Greece and where he bought his jackets! What a lovely man. He will be sadly missed.

  36. k. b. phillips says:


  37. Viv Hankins says:

    Just like you I was surprisingly upset about David’s death as I never met him or knew him.
    My only connection was watching him on the antiques programmes on the TV. Your quick whit and happy smile will be sorely missed.
    RIP David, we will miss you

  38. G Rehman says:

    David was a lovely gentleman, charming and always made me smile.
    I will miss seeing on TV. Condolences to his family. Rest in peace.
    Mag T. B.

  39. Maxine says:

    I too echo all the sentiments listed previously. I had the pleasure of meeting him once as I volunteered to work at his auction house for free! I have followed his programmes ever since. I hope all the postings will give some comfort to his family. My cat also sends condolences to a cat-loving gentleman. Maxine

  40. June says:

    I too felt a genuine shock of sorrow on hearing about David’s death, he was a lovely man, so full of passon for antiques, so full of life and so full of fun, he was always smiling. To be taken so early seems so unfair but I expect he is up there now enjoying a cup of tea and a chin wag with dear old Arthur Negus, we loved you David, God Bless !!

  41. Wendy Davies says:

    Shocked to hear David had passed away on July 25th. Only read about it on August 1st. Lovely man, such an asset to all the ‘Antique’ programmes. Will miss seeing him. RIP David.

  42. Ruth Kidson says:

    He came over as such a charming man, a true gentleman. So sad that he should die comparatively young. I hope he knew how much pleasure he gave to people who watched the programmes he was in.

  43. Ailsa Pearce from York says:

    OMG I have just read that David Barby has passed away, we were away on holiday when this very
    sad event took place….we are saddened and shock by this news, he was always a real character
    and brought a smile to any show, we send our condolences to all his family….he will be sadly missed by all…..bless you David and rest in the arms of the Angels….SO SHOCKED.

  44. frances may says:

    i am really sorry david passed away so young and jolly as well david will be sadly missed may david r i p my thoughts with david family

  45. Aileen Charleston says:

    So Sad to hear that David ,passed away he was alway full of fun and happy RIP

  46. Jo Kennedy says:

    Living in Australia I happened to be home wathcing an old episode of Antique Roadtrip with David and Charles and was curious as to what had happened to David’s face – thought I would google this…and low and behold I find out that he died just 3 weeks ago. I am shocked – what a lovely man he was and way too young. Thoughs to all on the Antique shows and also to his family.

  47. Great tribute. We here in Australia are very shocked and sad, too.

  48. yvonne cole says:

    Like everyone I to was sad to hear about David and will miss him on all the antique shows.
    RIP David

  49. paul williams says:

    i feel i have lost a close friend and i have never met him that is the impact he had on me . i’ll never forget his catch phrase “is that the best price ” . r.i.p David

  50. Roger Barrow says:

    Very sad he will be missed, may he rest in peace

  51. Keith Coxon says:

    Keith Coxon says
    My wife has just today told me that david has died how sad, he was an expert, and a very funny guy, he will not be replaced.

  52. Shelagh Fryer says:

    Very sad news.

  53. Nancy & Simon, Brisbane, Australia says:

    What a lovely tribute. My husband and I are so very sad to hear of David Barby’s passing. He was our favourite expert on Bargain Hunt and it was great to see him in the Bargain Hunt Australia special shows. RIP Mr Barby, we’ll miss you.

  54. Carole Weatherby says:

    So sad. he was such a fun person he made you feel you knew him personally. RIP

  55. Geraldine stroud says:

    David, wherever you are now thankyou for all the times you have cheered me up! My condolences to all your family they must be so sad. I never met you but felt as if you were a friend!!

  56. Beryl says:

    Today is 1st October. It is the first time the BBC have done a tribute to David Barbie on Bargain Hunt. I was so upset that I did not know until today that he had died. All the programmes he was in were shelved while wall-to-wall Olympics coverage took place, but I don’t think that is an excuse. For those of us who watch the antiques programmes he was a real star of a genre which is very much under-rated. I did note that his date of birth was the same as mine which makes him a little bit older than he let on! I do hope that he will live on in many replays so that we can love him again.

  57. Lynne Stagg says:

    I`ve only just found out about the sad loss of David Barmby even though I watch or listen to Bargain Hunt most days if I can. I`ve just watched today`s Bargain Hunt in which he featured and thought to myself `If I was ever lucky enough to be a contestant on Bargain Hunt, it would be David Barmby or Philip Serrill I`d love to have as my expert`. I was momentarily puzzled when at the end of the programme there was a montage of photos featuring David and suddenly I had this horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as it dawned on me that he had died. He was such a charming man, very sincere, with a good sense of humour and an infectious laugh. He knew his antiques and was so passionate about them and usually gave contestants sensible advice although sometimes he let his heart rule his head! I have mental images of him that I will never forget, such as the black eye and stitches following an accident – on the Antiques Road Trip I believe or Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and I admired his attitude of `The show must go on`. I along with many other viwers of antique shows, will miss him greatly.

  58. Ramina says:

    I’ll miss him 😦

  59. Marion says:

    Also saddened at the loss of David Barby, like many of you I only found out a few days ago and watched Bargain Hunt today hardly beleiving we shall not see him again, or only on the repeats. We shall all miss you David and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

  60. Christine Lofthouse says:

    Such a lovely man, , I didnt know till today that he had died, I wondered why he wasn’t on the telly. My heart goes out to his family, what a lovely man.

  61. Brown says:

    We. Will miss you David rest in peace.god bless.

  62. brainwave711 says:

    i have to admit that , like Lynne Stagg above, and in exactly the same way, i have only found out today that Mr Barby had died. I was really saddened to discover it. I was full of admiration for him for the way he carried on regardless with the show after the brutal looking injuries he received following a fall, and I found his personality very pleasant. R.I.P 😦

    • Fran Hunter says:

      I found out the same way too. I feel as though I’ve lost a friend. What a lovely, funny, gentle man. All our sympathy to his family.

  63. Don Williams says:

    What a lovely gentleman David was, my favourite was The Antiques Road Show I will miss not being able to enjoy his negotiations with dealers. The best the very best the very very best.
    R.I.P David God Bless

  64. Maura and Richard Shinners says:

    We met David Barby in Harrod’s Christmas shop about three years ago. We had a really great chat together, he was such a gentleman, showed great interest is our reasons for being there from our home in Ireland. We took pleasure in telling him how much we enjoyed seeing him in the various antique programmes. We will miss his charm and wit as well as his knowledge. Condolence to his family. R.i.P.

  65. Martyn Williams says:

    I guess like so many I missed the incredibly sad news of David Barby’s passing earlier this summer and have only just realised watching at this late hour today’s episode of Bargain Hunt in tribute. This episode has so neatly encapsulated David’s finest qualities. His sense of fun, the ridiculous and incredible joy of life leaped out of the television screen he was truly a wonderful man who gave so much joy to so many people as all the tributes on this blog show. Thank you David for your gift of ‘friendship’ which although was only felt through the medium of the TV screen was still heartfelt and valued. My sincere condolences to all your family.

  66. Andy & Roz says:

    Only realised David had left us when we watched the tribute programme yesterday; will be sadly missed. Not generally a fan of daytime TV, but Bargain Hunt is always part of our lunchtime break and we really enjoyed his gentle wit, but also respected his immense knowledge. RIP and sincere condolences to his family

  67. Tina says:

    I too saw yesterday’s programme, I was shocked when I heard Tim telling us this was to be a tribute to David Barby.I like others never heard of his death til then…very sad! I never met him but always thought what a lovely man he was.

  68. tommy harris says:

    I have watched David Barby on Bargain Hunt forever, and I always knew whichever team he was the expert for, well you just knew they would lose.
    He enthused about alsorts, but very rarely got the values even remotely right, which was part of the fun of watching.
    Never having met the man, I can only say his television persona was one of a very happy, bright individual who always seemed to be happy to be where he was, it is a great shame to hear of his demise.

    • Becky and John Hithersay says:

      David was a very knowledgeable professional valuer actually Tommy, with many wins during his time on the show.

  69. Keith says:

    Like everyone else, I was taken aback by the news of David’s death when I watched “Bargain Hunt” yesterday. I feel so sad that he is no longer with us, and wish to add my condolences to those already expressed to his family. The tributes that have been written say it all – he was much loved and respected by all of us. We are unlikely to watch any of the antiques programmes on which he appeared without remembering him without great affection. A true English gentleman, so sadly missed.

  70. Colette van Dooren says:

    Watching Bargain Hunt from Belgium, it is only yesterday that I learned the sad news, and I am really moved. I enjoy this program since years, and am fond of the whole team which became so familiar to me that I got the impression of losing a “faraway friend”. I’ll miss his knowledge, his mischievous smile and kind sense of humour.

  71. Gloria and Philip Youngman. says:

    Very very sad to hear yesterday about the passing of David Barby, we didn’t know until we saw Bargain hunt, we shall miss him greatly, he was one of life’s rays of sunshine, we have never met him , but he was like a friend, such a star , we feel he left too soon, but God has a season for us all , and only he knows , rest in peace David, one day it will be our time too, meanwhile we will miss you terribly. We pray for your dear wife and family.

  72. John Aldridge, Co. Mayo, Ireland says:

    Only heard yesterday – what a lovely personality! R.I.P.

  73. alan & mo stannard says:

    only found out about david barby on bargain hunt. my wife and i were most upset. what a lovely talented man. lets hope the BBC will do some sort of tribute program he deserves one a lot more than others i can think of. Our tv’s a little emptier . RIP

  74. mavis allen says:

    I have only just learned this week that our David Barby had died,I wondered why we had not seen him and now I know. How sad he was a lovely man and will be sorely missed.Please pass on our condolenses to his family.
    Mavis and Tony Allen from Matlock

  75. Mark says:

    I didnt even know until today-what a shame,I shall miss him on the box.Why does the media treat death like a taboo and try to keep it under wraps-and yes you do.I lost my wife at 29 and my son at 23,and celebrate both there lives out loud.

    • Rob Butler says:

      I think sadly it was the day of the opening or closing ceremony of the olympics which was when it was announced. So it was sadly overshadowed, have noticed it on the top 10 topics on the bbc website a lot recently .

  76. ELLEN says:


  77. Pam says:

    We too have just found out today of David’s passing – we
    were both shocked as for some reason we had not seen anything about his death in the media – probably because of the Olympics. My Husband who had a massive stroke 2 years ago was particularly upset because he watches TV every day and is housebound. RIP lovely man – you will be missed!

  78. Anne says:

    Tonight I watched the repeat of todays Antiques Road Trip and saw a tribute to David Barby I am so shocked and very upset to hear he has died. What a very nice and sincere man he was and such a pleasure to watch. My condolences to David’s family.

  79. David. says:

    Wonderful Post ~ I too was really upset at the nes of “Sir David Barby” A true genntleman and a huge loss to the whole country, every day will be a little less fun
    Good-night David ( That was your very best) Thank You !!!

  80. Shirley Harris says:

    Shirley and Stan, we always record bargain Hunt etc to watch in the evening when nothing good is on, so was really quite upset to see that David Barby had died. It was a shock as we had seen no mention of it in the papers, but all praise indeed to the lovely sentiments above.
    hope he gets “the Very Best Bargain ” where ever he may be

  81. Rosamund Carpenter says:

    We were flying to France on October 2nd so missed Tim’s news on David Barby…We didn’t hear about it until our family in the French Pyrenees sadly told us..These comments are most telling of the regard felt by all who had been fortunate enough to have witnessed Davids’s presence on our screens..We are also truly in accord with those who felt, and still feel so sad at his passing.. Condolences to his family and friends who must so miss this lovely man.

    Rosamund Carpenter.

    West Sussex.

  82. keatsbabe says:

    Hi to everyone who has left a comment here and many thanks for taking the time to read this post on my blog. It was lovely to find out that it wasn’t only me who felt so sad at the loss of David Barby. I have emailed the BBC to let them know that there have now been more than 10,000 people who have read this piece with getting on for a 100 comments but haven’t heard anything yet. I am hoping that they will pass on all these warm messages to David’s family. x

  83. sky says:

    annie so sorry to hear of davids death .he was so popular presenter and loved by all

  84. Sarah says:

    I, too, only found out relatively recently about David’s untimely death. I always enjoyed seeing him on daytime TV,and loved his sense of humour. He was one of my favourite experts and I will miss seeing him. My deepest sympathy to his wife (and cats!)

  85. Derek Stothard says:

    God Bless David, what a great gent RIP.

  86. linda fraiz says:

    My husband and have been shocked by the sad news, we just saw the Roadshow and are deeply shocked and saddened we had no idea. What a lovely larger than life character, so charming we will miss him and his smiles

  87. Lauretta says:

    Just heard the news after the Road Trip last night – can’t believe that I missed it at the time. Like everyone, my whole family felt terribly sad about the news. He seemed to really enjoy his time with the various guests on Celebrity Road Trip and found some amazing bargains along the way. He was doing the job that he obviously loved until the end. David will be very much missed from the experts but I hope that his Road Trip is continuing.

  88. Lydia Bend says:

    I an saddened that I only learned of David’s death last evening, like other correspondents I know David will be sadly missed, his sense of humour and knowledge were legend, and so he got some valuations a little bit askew, he was fun to watch and he was able to connect with people through the medium of television a very rare skill in this day and age. Goodbye David may all your valuations be good ones wherever you are now xxx

  89. Kevin Holt says:

    One of the ‘better’ antique dealer characters… We liked him. Sad to hear of his death RIP David..

  90. Margaret says:

    Such a lovely chap. He will be missed by all who admired and loved him R.I.P.

  91. Jane Keith says:

    Jane Keith say, what a smile,he brightened up our days ,so he will be greatly missed.Our condolences to David’s family.Jane Keith……Cambridge.

  92. Tez says:

    I’m sorry he’s gone he was a fine englishman

  93. Janice Sugrue says:

    David Barby’s laughter and fun are still sometimes shown on that joyful programme that is Bargain Hunt. Long may it remain.

  94. Crystabe says:

    Very sorry that we won’t be seeing any more of David, but it is rather nice to see him in the repeats, makes me feel that he is still around, lovely man , .RIP David..

  95. Stephen Bryce says:

    RIP David. I have just found out of your death, god bless you and may you rest in peace.

  96. Alan Foster says:

    Only just heard the news, very belatedly, via today’s Flog It Trade Secrets programme — and immensely saddened by the sudden loss of a true English gentleman in the classic mould: courteous, knowledgeable, well dressed, able to relate to all and sundry, witty with a broad streak of cheery playfulness, smiling, enthusiastic, engaging, generous with his time and expertise. Small wonder that so many miss him so much.

  97. Linda Atkinson says:

    Cant believe we missed this sad news last year. We also found out about Davids untimely death after watching the Flog It Trade Secrets programme last week. David came across as a lovely man, always ready with a smile, warm and sincere. He will be greatly missed and impossible to replace. Our thoughts are with his family and close friends.

  98. alan says:

    Only today did I hear of david Barbys death, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him on tv, a true gentleman who will be sorely missed

  99. chris cockayne says:

    What a charming witty entertaining gentalman full of wounderous knowledge like a magmet once he started talkeing i was and am to replayes just glued to daves chatter on all and any toppic of his choice a trully remarcable gent so much missed xxx

  100. Dottie says:

    We too have only recently heard about the sad passing of David, both myself and my husband were very shocked, not only at the news, but that we hadn’t known anything about it. Although we are avid fans of all the antique shows, there are invariably some that we miss, shopping , holidays, etc, we really felt that not enough coverage was given to this very sad event, he was as popular as many pop singers, but much more is made of their deaths than of Davids, R.I.P. David, you will be sadly missed, xxx

  101. Sara Davies says:

    I cannot believe that I knew nothing of David Barby’s death! I watched a programme last night on ‘Yesterday’. He had cuts and bruises on his face, so I googled him tonight. What a shock that this unforgettable personality has not been the subject of an obituary programme. I for one would be interested to learn more about his life.
    Condolences to his friends and family.

  102. Carol Dawson says:

    I was very sad to learn that David Barby had passed away last year, I can’t believe that I missed the news he was such a lovely man and he seemed genuinely pleased when the contestants did well, he will be sadly missed.

  103. Sando says:

    We live in Australia. and are regular viewers of all the antiques shows that David appeared in.
    We only found out six weeks ago that this delightful man had passed away. Foxtel is still showing all the shows featuring David, with no acknowledgment of his passing.
    We look forward to the Tribute Show.
    Yes, Bravo to all the above comments. Very sad.

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