Blog infidelity: or introducing The Truth of Imagination

I feel like I am being unfaithful. Or betraying a close friend perhaps. But is had to be done. I have set up a blog dedicated to all things Keats and poetry.

However, it is not a replacement for No wriggling. Nor will the John Keats page on this blog sink into obscurity in favour of its younger rival. The new blog is going to be something quite different. It is on Tumblr for a start.

Recommended by Luke at Kith and Kin research, Tumblr is well suited to quick posts – a favourite quote; photo; work of art; video etc etc. It actually seems to encourage them and it is an attractive alternative for that reason. Some days I am just not in the mood to blog and ‘blog anxiety’ sets in, leading to guilt, a rushed post and general dissatisfaction with the writing process. The new site is for those days – when creativity bypasses me and I just want to share something that inspires me; without lengthy explanation but with sincerity.

So – I would like to introduce you to The Truth of Imagination (yes – from a  quote by Keats..). Not a rival  – No wriggling is my first love.  But perhaps a supportive friend. Suggestions for inclusion on the new blog gratefully received. Photos? Poems? Paintings? Quotes?

Please give it a quick look. There are many already enjoying Luke’s Kith and Kin site and I hope mine will be equally interesting.

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5 Responses to Blog infidelity: or introducing The Truth of Imagination

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I loved “The Truth of Imagination”!! A refreshing first read for my return to cyberspace.
    Don’t feel guilty about two blogs – not everything fits in one place. Any there’s room in our hearts for more than one kind of love; think of the love we cherish for spouses/children/parents/friends, etc.

  2. Betsy Cross says:

    I love your Tumblr blog! I wanted to “like” the post, but when I pressed the heart it just showed who had already liked it.:( I’d love to follow that blog. Can I follow without having a Tumblr account? I’ll go back, press “follow” and see what happens! So beautiful!

  3. amanda white says:

    What an absolute treat, Suzie.
    Great idea.
    I shall go and luxuriate.

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  5. Denise says:

    Suzie – I love the layout and feel of “The Truth Of Imagination”!
    I also would like to know if you can follow without a tumblr account?…..
    as a fellow blogger, we all get “blogged” down sometimes and no need to feel guilty…there’s always tomorrow for a bright fresh start. 🙂 All the best

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