The Eurovision Song Contest – you’re awful, but I like you….

A cheesy title for a cheesy subject, but I couldn’t resist it. I have just been out to buy a lot of nibbles and a lot more alcohol and tomorrow from 8pm this household is going to par -tay.

Seriously – this is really a follow on from a recent post I wrote about the Grand National in a way. Eurovision was with me as a child in the 70’s, stayed with me for a while in the 80’s, lost me for about fifteen years and then in 2001 became something I could share with my own children.  My daughter watched it aged 7 and fell in love with it. Ten years later, she watches it with more cynicism and with eyes only for hot male singers but importantly we still watch it together. Tomorrow she has invited three of her friends and they, along with my son (who accepted the invite with enthusiasm) myself and my sister will eat crisps, drink alcopops and laugh at Graham Norton’s jokes. It has become another one of those family traditions that are just so difficult to let go of.

Over the years there have been discussions about block voting, countries voting for each other regardless of song quality and how Israel can possibly be allowed to compete in a European competition. But hey – that is to take the whole thing much too seriously.  Besides, the Balkan vote for Balkan entrants is understandable –  those entries are often my favourite. In the past there have been some lyrical and haunting songs promoting great traditional ethnic music. This is still my favourite ever Euro song from about four years ago…

Layla by HariMata Hari from Bosnia & Herzogovina – it makes me want to learn Serbo-Croat.

Of course, it is mostly utterly terrible. So terrible it inspired the classic Father Ted episode where they enter the Euro song contest for Ireland with ‘My Lovely Horse’, written by one of my favourite ever songwriters – Neil Hannon of the utterly cool Divine Comedy.

Our entries in the past few years have bordered on the equally laughable, hitting a new low last year. But isn’t this to miss the point of the whole thing? Where else would you get all these countries in the same arena? Hear their finest (?) singing about love, loss, world peace and unemployment (yes – the Portuguese entry this year was about the economy..)?  How often do I get to sit on the sofa with my daughter for two hours having a good laugh?

So I will be downloading the scoresheets from the BBC website, putting out the nibbles and uncorking the alcohol. Lots of it. Family traditions are great, but like Christmas they go off much better with a little lubrication…

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4 Responses to The Eurovision Song Contest – you’re awful, but I like you….

  1. James Grogan says:

    Leijla was very good, but it was against Lordi, which is still MY favourite Eurovision entry because of how different, silly and rocktastic it was.

    Looking forward to tomorrow, Graham Norton was great last year and has taken over from Wogan really well (what he would have made of the Cypriote entry with the giant sperm I don’t know :P)

  2. Viv says:

    I watched it as a kid and then never again till I watched it in France last year, while on a trip. I watched with some of the older kids in the group and we just had hysterics. I’m still pals with those girls now.
    It’s comedy really, not music!!

  3. ladymoomcr says:

    ‘My Lovely Horse’ was a classic !

  4. Rivenrod says:

    Hurrah! We dress up as contestants and bounce like demented Easter bunnies. This year I’m Jedward. Aren’t I the lucky one. HA!

    Off to Poundland for gel.

    Have a fantastic weekend . . .

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