Asking a favour. Two causes and two people close to my heart

In recent weeks I have posted on here about Chris Rugg, who won the Care Focus award for Outstanding Volunteer in Somerset, and about the article I wrote for about my experience of breast reconstruction. Esther Clark was one of two women who kindly agreed to be case studies for the piece. Both Chris and Esther are doing great work for their particular causes and I wanted to use by blog to promote the work they are doing.

Having coffee with Chris Rugg on Thursday I learnt that on November 6th the first ever Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Conference will be held in Philadelphia. Chris has been diagnosed with this condition and it is one that I had never heard of, despite the fact that it causes painful and disabling symptoms. Apparently I am not alone, and many doctors still fail to recognise it as anything other than psychosomatic. However, the symptoms these cysts on the brain cause are very distressing and when finally the patient gets a proper diagnosis the procedure to remove them, however unpleasant, comes as a significant relief. Can I ask you just to take a moment and link through to the Arachnoid Cyst Awareness site? If I could think just a few more people knew of this condition through my blog it would make me feel as if I had done a little to repay all the support I have had from Chris in the past two years.

Similarly, when I spoke to Esther for my article I found out that like me, she has survived breast cancer and undergone reconstruction to help her through the process of regaining control over her life and health. However, she has gone further and following the £20,000 raised for Cancer Research UK by the calendar she coordinated (in which all the participants bravely posed scantily clad and beautifully body-painted) she has now published a book. 

She studied Creative Writing with the Open University, and enjoying the work of  her fellow students she came up with the idea of publishing a collection of their pieces. It would offer them all the opportunity to see their work in print and at the same time raise further funds for Cancer Research UK.

Esther says ‘The request was for people to send stories and poems on any neutral or happy theme, as although the book is to benefit cancer sufferers, it is not about cancer.’

She has a site called Peperi Books which gives you all the information you need about the book and the details of how to buy a copy. With Christmas coming up, it could be a great present for someone you know who writes, or who simply enjoys a book to dip into at quiet moments.

I was a little concerned about asking my readers for things through my blog, but hey it is all about getting a message across and so many blogs include sponsored posts now, or offer a service to their readers that I thought I should try do my bit for these two courageous and lovely people.

Thanks for reading – and don’t forget to click through to the links!

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8 Responses to Asking a favour. Two causes and two people close to my heart

  1. Lisbeth says:

    Really interesting – had no idea about Arachnoid cysts.

    Great book project too – love the jacket cover! Looks like it would give my Nan some terrible ideas for jumpers though….

  2. Stephanie says:

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, she was diagnosed during a scan as having a chondroid membrane cyst. Apparently in a fraction of babies, these cysts are a precursor to a serious condition called Edwards’ Syndrome and almost all babies born with it die before their first birthday. So you can imagine the state I was in when I sat before the consultant obstetrition and waited for her to have a look at the scan results and perform her own. Mysteriously – no cysts. My daughter is now four and no sign of Edwards’ Syndrome ever appeared.

    Just from my experiences of the mental health system, I am rapidly coming to believe that orthodox medicine know virtually nothing about how the brain works and what it does. The doctors seem to be learning at the same time as the patients. I’ll see what I can do with the site and a donation – money’s v. tight but if nothing else he can have as much thought, love and sympathy as he wants!

    • keatsbabe says:

      Chris would like me to pass on his thanks for your comments. It wasn’t about a donation so don’t worry, he is just glad to know you understand why he is so keen to raise awareness. Thank you!

  3. wurzelmeone says:

    Thank you for this posting Suzie it means a great deal to me and the Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Organisation, I will send them your link along with mine so that they can see what you have done for them. Thank you once again Chris.

  4. Hi Suzie, thank you so much for writing and spreading the word about Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Organisation, it really means a lot to me and everyone else at ACA!

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