The Gallery 31 – Does she know it’s Christmas?

My mum is not a ‘silver surfer’ thank goodness, or I have little doubt she would be very cross with me for posting this photo for The Gallery at Stickyfingers this week. She is a highly intelligent ‘with it’ woman with all her faculties, so I admit my title is a little contrived. My siblings do read this though, and I must therefore pledge them to complete silence or I will be called ‘Suzanne’ rather than Suzie for weeks to come (do all mothers revert to full names rather than pet ones when angry?)

Anyway, the prompt this week is ‘My favourite photo and why’. I have huge respect for Tara and her ideas but this one is SO difficult. Where do you start? Children? Husband? Yourself? A place that means something to you? I could do one for each of those and still leave hundreds on the cutting room floor and frankly you have probably seen enough of my son and daughter to last you a while.

So I thought that I would be the child this week and I would choose to post my favourite photo of the last 12 months of my favourite lady of the past 40-something years. She very rarely likes photographs of herself, and I have very few of her in those taken as we grew up. She tore them up in fact which is strange, as to my mind she is one of the prettiest women I know, even at 81.

This is Christmas 2009 and incredibly ten months have passed since I took this shot. It is not of an elderly lady in a rather eccentric hat, she doesn’t ‘do’ hats as she feels they don’t suit her. Clearly though, Christmas cakes are very becoming and she should wear them more often….

So my entry this week is for my Mum, who has dedicated the last 50 years of her life to her family and who still keeps us entertained even as she heads into a decade she never thought she would see (as she never fails to mention love her). We have few enough photos of her as it is, and as she is so clearly enjoying herself in this one I am going to make sure she never learns how to use the ‘delete’ button.

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22 Responses to The Gallery 31 – Does she know it’s Christmas?

  1. Lovely photo of your mum 🙂 Her skin is AMAZING!!
    She does look like she’s got a Christmas pudding on her head though 😉

  2. Alethea says:

    What a lovely post! It sounds like you have a really special relationship with your Mum which is certainly something to be treasured!

    Great picture too!

  3. SeaThreePeeO says:

    What a fabulous, fun picture of your mother.

    My mum hates to have her photo taken and I seem to have inherited that somewhere along the way. I am much more comfortable behind the camera then in front of it.

  4. Your mum looks fab, certianly not in her 80’s!! Great pic, she knows how to have a giggle 🙂

  5. greenie01 says:

    lovely warm post about your mum, she looks great fun. It sounds like you have a similar relationship with her that I have with my mum.

    My mum will be 88 next month, she’s not on the Internet but most of our family are on Facebook or Twitter so she will get to see my post. X

  6. Why does she have a Christmas cake on her head? Is it a family tradition? Do you do it every year? She is very beautiful and obviously full of fun!

  7. I know someone else who doesn’t like having their photo taken…..

    I’m sure if she did find out she’d become a sliver surfer just to get the baby photos out on the net 😛

  8. Mummy V says:

    A beautiful photo and post, lovely tribute to you mum

  9. Booperkit says:

    Funny! Lots of women hate having their photos taken, and yet when you look back years later you think – hey I didn’t look so bad then… Great memory.

  10. spudballoo says:

    81? 81? Nooooooooo…she’s so youthful and lovely. What a fabulous post, and I love the photo…this has really touched me. SNiff.

    Judge Spud xxxxx

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