The Gallery: Here Come the Girls…

(Just a warning, if you don’t like seeing breasts on a blog, please don’t scroll down, but it is in a good cause..)

The prompt for The Gallery over at Stickyfingers this week is Here come the girls…, and as always the title can be open to interpretation. Tara herself posted a wonderful photo of three cows. I could say I have done the same…

but we are actually quite nice really…. (Sis, Mum & Me)

And others have posted pictures of their beautiful daughters. So I thought I would do the same……

My daughter Evie on the right, just before prom this year, with one of her bestest friends, Genevieve.

And now I want to think of my own idea, rather than pinching someone elses’.


My 'girls'


In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a picture that is part of my article on breast reconstruction at Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I have taken the decision to put the picture out there so that any woman facing a diagnosis of breast cancer can take heart. A year ago I had but one. Now I have twin ‘girls’ again….

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24 Responses to The Gallery: Here Come the Girls…

  1. whatdidyoudotodaymama says:

    Great post, and lovely way to support others who may be facing diagnosis. First time I’ve read your blog so glad to hear you made it through.

  2. wow, that’s a fabulous post. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Jenny paulin says:

    Lovely selection of photos showing the girls who are special to you.
    Good for you for getting your own ‘girls’ out and hello boys 😉 !! Xx
    Great post and well done on putting them out there xx

  4. You brave, wonderful woman.
    You are beautiful. And your daughter is frighteningly beautiful too.
    And as for your breasts… you go girl!


  5. Brilliant post. And just so you know – the last picture is “normal size” in my RSS reader LOL 😀

  6. Bumbling says:

    Great post! And a really important message. Thank you.

    And your daughter is gorgeous!

  7. Val Erde says:

    Lovely post and I wasn’t offended. Your daughters are beautiful, and that’s a lovely photo of yourself and your mum and sister.

    I have your blog in my feed reader and hope to visit again soon.

  8. jomiddleton says:

    Great post Suzie and gorgeous pics! x x

  9. FABULOUS post! Made me grin from ear to ear, well done you! xxx

  10. Mary says:

    Bravo!! I can only applaud your bravery, and your twin girls. Good luck.

  11. What great photos and a great support at the end. I have never been over here before, so glad that you made it through you are an inspiration to many. Very brave of you to post that picture xx

  12. Virginia Murray says:

    I agree with all the above – well done Suzie, lovely pictures of all the girls, including mine! xx I particularly like the pic of you with your sister and your Mum, who both saw you through the last few years with such support and love. xx

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