One day in August….The Gallery

This week’s theme on the Sticky Fingers Gallery is ‘One day in August’ to mark the day when 3 bloggers travelled to Bangladesh with Save the Children to highlight the work the charity is doing out there. I expect their journey will change their lives forever. Whatever we see on the news, or in the press it can never truly reflect the day-to-day lives of people living in poverty in the developing world.

Like many others who have posted on this topic, I feel blessed that my children are growing up healthy and happy with the opportunity to learn and fulfill all their ambitions. One wants to be an Olympic athlete, and may with work achieve her aim, the other wants to teach and is within the next three weeks off to start his first term at University.

Evie and her Uncle Phil

So although this photograph of my gorgeous daughter Evie and her only slightly less gorgeous Uncle Phil (my brother) , taken at the big birthday bash we had for him this weekend may not be the most exciting for anyone not in my family circle I thought it was important to post something to show my support not only for Save the Children but also for the Gallery, which week after week gives us all the opportunity to share memories of the sort of lives not always enjoyed by everyone all across the world.

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