Reflections – a new meaning to jumping into puddles…

As I sit here at my desk, with a view out over our garden I sip a lovely hot cup of tea and watch as streams of rain run down the window, blown ever harder against the glass as the wind seems to swirl round from every direction.It is a truly hideous evening and I have just waved goodbye to my husband and daughter as they voluntarily go out into the storm to high jump training at the athletics club. Not much chance of getting over 1 metre 70 in this weather…

It seems a long time since we took our children out after a rainstorm, wellies and odd smelling, plastic Thomas the Tank Engine coats on. We would have been living in Brighton at the time, and in photos I seem to be doing a good job of hiding my desperation to be in a cafe as the stinging, damp, salt wind is whipping my then long hair into my eyes. Needless to say James and Evie would be straining to get back to jumping into the deep puddles on the seafront, or looking longingly to the beach where they could succeed in getting everyone even more wet, cold and exhausted. Good old days.

I have been feeling in a nostalgic mood recently. James is off to Uni in a couple of months and Evie now thinks of herself as a young woman, sellotaping (yes sellotape! It’s as bad as crayonning the wallpaper or throwing play dough in the fire…) pictures cut out of Elle magazine all over her bedroom wall. They still forget themselves sometimes, going to sleep with a teddy or watching the Lion King through three times in a night (OK James I know you might be reading this) but I am not really invited to share those moments as I would have done before, cuddled up on a sofa perhaps or reading a bedtime story. I have never been a woman who has dreaded the fledging of her brood but at the risk of sounding horribly twee it is times like this, alone in the house, cat curled up on the windowsill in front of me when it all comes flooding back and gives me a little shiver to think how quickly those years went by. Sometimes I just want to stop time for all those fraught mums and dads out there dealing with histrionics, teething troubles and the terrible twos. It is all so very precious, and its gone in a gust of the wind….

Photo credit cygnus921

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9 Responses to Reflections – a new meaning to jumping into puddles…

  1. ella says:

    Lovely post. I’m in the trenches at the moment but I constantly try to remind myself that these days go very quickly and to make the most of every moment with them.

    • keatsbabe says:

      Thanks Ella. Yes, we all try so hard to treasure every minute, but reality bites and in the end life just keeps distracting us. I am sure I have blanked out many a terrible tantrum (possibly on that same walk…!)

  2. Lucy says:

    Ahhh that is so nice. I can definitely enjoy it a lot more now mine are 4 and 7. I am still confronted by small, hot, chubby bodies pinning me to the bed every morning but they are happy enough to play together while I drink tea and read the paper. I think this might be the perfect time.

    • keatsbabe says:

      7 and 4 were good ages at ours too. Most particularly because my youngest, being a girl, had already narrowed the mental age gap and they were basically twins…

  3. sally snaddon says:

    Well written, Sue. those days are in the past now too. Claire is off for her second spell at Uni, this time Oxford, teacher training, and Scott is off to Southampton, 4 year Masters in Mathematics – lost me years ago with maths. Hannah on the other hand, at 13 still enjoys the occassional bedtime story, especially the home made ones from Thomas, then again, if he starts one, the others curl up to listen in too – they have a tributary book in the making for him, all his old stories – a surprise for next birthday – don’t tell him though.

    • keatsbabe says:

      Thanks Sally – keep reading as I go back being freelance and take the writing forward. Be glad of your comments as I know how great you are with children. It has gone so fast hasn’t it?

      • sally snaddon says:

        tooooo fast – in some ways am looking forward to the peace and quiet, in others, not.

  4. Fi Drew says:

    Ah Suzie….you know I was stood in my kitchen not 10 minutes ago just thinking about my little girl…upstairs in bed. Sometimes I feel such an overwhelming love that I think I’ll fill up and pop……I’m so lucky to have her – and yes every moment is so precious, and so fleeting….I just keep trying to remember to stop and smell the roses along the way!
    Thank you Repromed in Bristol – my test tube chick is the biggest gift and joy I’ll ever have :o)

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