Right – off to water the garden…

gin_250wAs an anxiety ridden soon-to-be-freelance-again-thank-goodness writer and researcher (yes basically I find out stuff and write about it), addicted to chocolate, gin, detective stories and John Keats I am  definately keen to find a world of my own to live in. Don’t misunderstand me so early on in our relationship – I am a happily married woman with two teenage (aaaaggghhhh) kids happy to have a first novel nearly finished (though not nearly published) and a few articles in a few mags, which is a positive start. But my imaginative faculties are blunted and my creative world is blurred (though my pretentious use of language still prevails).

The main problem is my inability to do anything much but procrastinate, tinkering with the theme on my blog page, trying to get to the top of the leader board on Bejewelled Blitz, messing about on Twitter… Or perhaps talking to one of my friends and finding out she  is doing much the same (but with more followers).

I know I am not the only writer who would rather clean the oven than get down and actually finish a piece (or on bad days, start one) but as I have at last summoned up the courage to go back to the uncertain world of self employment this has got to change. So thanks for being here, and can I ask a favour? Check up on me a couple of times a week – nag me, shout at me, empathise with me or encourage me. Just don’t ignore me. I crave attention, and sometimes i write stuff people REALLY like to read.

Now it might be 10pm but I just must go and water the lobelia….

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