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Blog infidelity: or introducing The Truth of Imagination

I feel like I am being unfaithful. Or betraying a close friend perhaps. But is had to be done. I have set up a blog dedicated to all things Keats and poetry. However, it is not a replacement for No … Continue reading

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Garden inspired by John Keats’ ‘On the Sea’ wins Gold at Hampton Court

Take a look over at my page devoted to John Keats to see the garden design inspired by the poem ‘On the Sea’ which has won Gold at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. It is an interesting theme for … Continue reading

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Words to the heart – Carol Ann Duffy on the language of love & longing

Occasionally I like to post on my blog a poem that has really touched me. Although I will always be most fond of the poetry of John Keats, I usually find those that I share on here are contemporary poems, … Continue reading

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Where the costumes are a cast member – Keats & Fanny Brawne as fiction in ‘Bright Star’

In December I wrote a blog post entitled Picturing John Keats –  Image or Imagination? describing how I felt about the representations of Keats in art. I mentioned the 2009 film Bright Star only briefly as but another opportunity for … Continue reading

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Keats at Guy’s Hospital part 2 – An education in horror

Looking at the National Health Service today, it is clear that despite economic constraints it offers a standard of care that renders incomprehensible to us the dreadful conditions under which people of all classes were treated in the early 19th … Continue reading

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‘This enormous Babel of a place’ – On learning of London before the Victorians

I have recently been looking into the history of London between 1810 and 1830 to add some context to my blog posts on the poet John Keats. It is a period in the history of the metropolis that I have … Continue reading

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Keats at Guys Hospital Pt 1 – Life in a ‘jumbled heap’ of ‘murky buildings’

Whilst researching for a longer post about John Keats and his medical studies, I had the opportunity to read some accounts of the student accommodation he shared during the time he spent at Guy’s Hospital, in London.  They are fascinating, … Continue reading

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Keats House, Hampstead: an architectural and artistic re-build

From my late teens onwards I have made regular trips to Keats House in Hampstead, London NW3. I was born and brought up in North London and the relatively short journey to Keats Grove, close to the beautiful heath became … Continue reading

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On St Valentine’s Day – putting a price on love? Keats comes up for auction…

Update 14th February 2012. The letter was auctioned on 29th March 2011, raising £96,000. It was bought by the City of London Corporation for Keats House, Hampstead. So all’s well that ends well then? There are many people who are … Continue reading

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2011 – I may not be SMART but I might have FUN….

I read on Yahoo News this morning that the way to ensure you stick to New Year’s Resolutions is to ensure that they are, in management-speak, SMART. Having spent years in strategy development and research this is a term that … Continue reading

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